Brian Thoms was born on the outskirts of NYC in a small whaling community on Long Island (whaling has long been illegal). He received the BS degree in Computer Science at Fordham University, the MS degree in Information Systems from Stevens Institute of Technology and the PhD degree from Claremont Graduate University’s School of Information Systems and Technology. He is co-Founder and Chief Software Engineer at Health e-Services, where his research focuses on the design and implementation of innovative information systems across public and private business. He is Program Chair and Professor of Computer Science at California State University, Channel Islands. Thoms’ latest book, How to Build a Health eProfile: Empowering Yourself with Personal Health Data, is currently available on Amazon. Check it out here: https://a.co/d/7VZiVkR.

Before joining academic life, Brian worked for five years as a software developer and analyst for Salomon Smith Barney in downtown Manhattan. Brian continues to work part-time building intelligent systems for both small businesses and non-profits.

Thanks to modern science, he is able to live comfortably in New York, New York  Los Angeles, California.
You can find Brian on Google Earth. You can also find Brian on LinkedIn. Also check out blog.socialxyz.com for running ramblings on tech…

Email Brian to discuss the fate of your world: brian[at]brianthoms[dot]com. His students call him ‘Thoms’ and his first name is often misspelled as ‘Brain’.